Maia Tapp (of Abington Meeting) will share from her meditative poetry collection Earth Speaks. Her reading ....
This month’s Quaker Speak Discussion will be a participant’s choice from ...
Our Monthly Meeting came together to review what has occurred in the prior year ..
National Bestseller and NPR Best Book of the Year. “Not all superheroes wear capes, and Elizebeth Smith Friedman should be the subject of a future Wonder Woman movie.” —The New York Times
PYM News and Events for Feb and March
This report is a summary of what has been happening at Plymouth Meeting taken from the individual committee reports. Taking time to reflecting on where we were in 2020 helps us to understand where we can go on this journey together as a faith community.
Here are the slides from the Website walk-through presentation and a treasure hunt to practice finding
Letter from Friends Council and Heads of Friends Schools
PYM news is now available directly on the Plymouth Meeting website
How I Practice Quakerism Throughout the Week - My experience of being a Friend is that being a Friend is a commitment of your life. It isn’t a commitment of your time on Sunday or
Christmas Eve Candlelight Vigil, Carol Music and Time for Worship
two experiences – among many others over the years - that reinforced to me how much of a role our Meetinghouse plays in our community in small and unseen ways. These....
watch the service and reflect upon the offerings of each Faith community as they consider how we are blessed in these challenging times and how we are called to be faithful in our care of each other.
Care and Concern Committee created and printed a note card and sent it with a small gift to each of the PMFS staff in recognition their hard work during this COVID year
Brenda Crawley presented the annual report of PMFS to the Monthly Meeting at its Tenth Month business meeting.
here is a practical tip to contribute toward stewardship as "Earthkeepers". This is especially true as the holiday season approaches
Religious Society of Friends, a group with a history of waiting for enlightenment and seeking consensus on important issues.
Today, November 3, marks the date of our national election. This year, we face numerous challenges as a result of the simultaneous surges in racial, social and health pandemics. In some ways....
This week our hearts are heavy with the news of the death of Walter Wallace Jr.’s killing by the Philadelphia police. Please join us ....
Indoor and outdoor Meeting for Worship has been canceled for the next 3 weeks
Two opportunities to aid our local refugee and immigrant communities; Immigrant Cookbook and Registry at Target with list of needed items.
Remember the Ladies": Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box. The talk, which will focus on Quaker women in the suffrage movement, is open to members and non-members alike.
Recent article about Abolition Hall posted in Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. occasional series of guest columns highlighting Black history sites
Town Hall Meeting Conversation about BLM with Plymouth Township Police Chief John Myrsiades and the Community
Requesting constitutes to respectfully call our Senators offices to request that them to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act when it is reintroduced
Driving Pennsylvania Forward is a statewide coalition composed of advocacy, faith, businesses, farmers, labor and community organizations that work together in support of passage of legislation regarding ....
The topic will be the approval of a minute to send to Abington Quarter Fund requesting funding to purchase equipment to enable Plymouth to blend their worship groups
The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) aims to significantly increase voter demand for ....
There is a desire to start working together right away on climate change and environmental justice. In our .....